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Sam & Caia’s First Date


We spent Saturday night with the Griffiths, who are housesitting in Marietta. As an extra treat, Haynes came & hung out too. Sam’s evening got off to a rough start (all the travel catching up with him?) but eventually he let us have a great night, & even showed off a little.

JG & Amy were great hosts, even if it was somebody else’s house.

Imagine our delight at finding an old 24 episode– from a good season (ie, not season six).

Eventually Sam got his ticket to the big-kid party, where he slept on various bellies for hours. JG & Amy are expecting Caia in October.

Some much-needed mantime.

Sunday morning Sam was much more himself and put on a great show for JG & Amy.

He still has his hat. Admit it, you’re speechless. You can’t turn away.

And just for Kristi, the obligatory group shot. Have we really become this adult?

3 thoughts on “Sam & Caia’s First Date

  1. Sam you look like a stud in that hat of yours. Love your girlfriend, Lucy

  2. Hey! Sorry I missed hang out time last night. Bummer. But when you post the pictures that I’m sure you took, I’ll tell you where I would have stood had I been there.Love y’all.

  3. Yes, gotta have the group shot. Otherwise, how will we have an accurate record of who was there?Totally makes sense, grandpa :)I’m actually pretty sad that we weren’t there to hang out with you guys. Glad yall got some quality time.

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