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the hunts in prague

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Calling Out

If you’ve looked at our hit map recently (below, left), you’ve noticed that Blue Sky is a world-wide phenomenon. There are dots everywhere!

However, being the graphically-oriented person that I am, the lack of action (and thus, dots) in the northeast and southwest portions of the map disturbs me.

So, come on, people. Do you know anyone in northeastern Russia? Or Chile? Or Antarctica?
If so, send them an email and tell them to check out our blog.
We want to be well-rounded.

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More Blog to Love

Today I (Jake) am unveiling Wiser Time, a new blog where I’ll have slightly more serious content than your average Blue Sky entry. The basic idea is that I like to think and write, but since I’m not in school anymore nobody is telling me what to think and write about. So this will have thoughts about whatever I’m trying to mentally work on, and also book & music reviews (I do run a bookstore) and who knows what else. So if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out. There’s also a link over to the left.

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Post #200: The Boy Is Growing Up

Red bird, red bird, what do you see?

He pushes up on his elbows like this all the time now.

Saturday we switched over to his big-boy stroller. He loves it because he can look in directions other than straight up.

Honestly, the pool was a little disappointing. He finished less than 10 laps before totally passing out. But he still has a few weeks to train.

I just noticed that this is our 200th blog post. It took 9 months to get the first 100 and three months to get the second. The boy is just that much more photogenic than us.

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Hunts Heart Rice Cereal

Sam was having a rough couple of days last week, and wasn’t sleeping much during his naps. We decided to go ahead and start him on rice cereal, which we hoped would fill him up and make him tired. The results: Rice cereal is the new hero of the Hunt household.

No, son, you most certainly are not.

He was intrigued but not thrilled at first.

Well, at least it’s more stuff in my mouth. Always a good thing.

I’m not sure how I feel, but I think I’d like to lay down for a while.

Now after only a few days, he opens his mouth for the spoon at almost every bite. And M watches to make sure I don’t slip some red pepper in the stuff. I mean, I feel bad for the kid. It really has no flavor at all.


Morning Quiet Time

Sam & I read a story out of his storybook Bible every morning. This particular morning we learned about the three women that discovered Jesus’ empty tomb.

Though he looks contemplative, we read somewhere this week that his memory span is only 3-5 seconds, so we’re not gonna start his catechism… yet.

The boy is all doctrined up and is ready to tell the world that Jesus has risen!

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Summer Draws to a Close

Well, sort of. It’s still 100°, and since none of us are students anymore technically summer lasts as long as we want to call it that. But then, I work at a school, and anyway, I digress. We’ve been slow on the posting of late, but here are some recent events.

Last Saturday M&I went on our first official date night, with a babysitter and everything. Sarah Cozart did a great job with Sam, and we had an awesome dinner, coffee & walk. It really was a breath of fresh air, and Sam didn’t seem mad when he woke up. Good for the new mom & dad to know he really can last a couple of hours without us. Thanks Sarah!

Another Sunday visit from Gaffer, who entertained Sam during a church lunch so we could meet people, and then took us out for Sam’s first barbeque.

This is the year. I can just feel it.

By the last evening feeding, the combination of tired & milk-drunk makes for a heavy, floppy baby.