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the hunts in prague

Come On In, the Water’s Fine


A key milestone today: Sam’s first trip to the pool! The McCanns invited us for a trip to our own pool, and we braced ourselves for the shortest visit in history, but Sam did great! Good news for us, being the pool bums that we are. Watch out Camden Pinehurst– the Hunts are back, and there are more of us.

Following are more pictures than necessary, but hey, it was a big day.

Fortunately, Sam just happened to have a bathing suit. A very large one. Like, about the size of his pajama pants.

Don’t worry, Grandma, he was wearing SPF10,000

Lucy is a pool pro, so Sam had to make sure and take it like a man.

When Jake has this kind of chub it’s a bad thing, but somehow it works for him.

OK, so it’s more of a fisherman’s hat than a pool hat, but you go with what you have.

Maybe we should scratch all the others and use this for our prayer card.

And we’re done.

3 thoughts on “Come On In, the Water’s Fine

  1. Heavenly. I totally dig that little man. And his man-boobs.

  2. Y’all have a great pool, and yes, I vote for that prayer card.

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