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Summer Draws to a Close

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Well, sort of. It’s still 100°, and since none of us are students anymore technically summer lasts as long as we want to call it that. But then, I work at a school, and anyway, I digress. We’ve been slow on the posting of late, but here are some recent events.

Last Saturday M&I went on our first official date night, with a babysitter and everything. Sarah Cozart did a great job with Sam, and we had an awesome dinner, coffee & walk. It really was a breath of fresh air, and Sam didn’t seem mad when he woke up. Good for the new mom & dad to know he really can last a couple of hours without us. Thanks Sarah!

Another Sunday visit from Gaffer, who entertained Sam during a church lunch so we could meet people, and then took us out for Sam’s first barbeque.

This is the year. I can just feel it.

By the last evening feeding, the combination of tired & milk-drunk makes for a heavy, floppy baby.

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