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Rapture Practice

Warning: this story involves seminary humor. Yes, we all know it’s not that funny.

Funny story: This afternoon I called Melissa on my office phone, and my pocket buzzed. Oops, I thought, I grabbed M’s phone after lunch instead of mine. Better call and let her know. So I called my phone. My other pocket buzzed. Oops, I grabbed both phones, and now M & Sam are at home with no phone. No problem, just a 5-min trip to take her her phone.

When I got home the door was unlocked, but I walked in and everything was quiet. Probably starting another nap. No one upstairs. Hmm. Did I not see them in the kitchen? No. Back porch? Nope. Car, stroller and car seat are all present, and the door was unlocked. I could call to see if she walked somewhere, but some bonehead took her phone. Only logical conclusion: my eschatology has been wrong all along, and the rapture happened after all. I’ve been Left Behind!

Turned out she was at Mary’s, about to have Mary call the phone so she could look for it. I went from being an idiot for taking it to being the hero for bringing it home. Nice move. Also, eschatology was briefly shaken but now back to normal.


Boys’ Night In

Melissa went on a one-night women’s retreat last weekend, so Sam & I did what guys do on the weekend.

Poker night. I was chasing the flush. Rarely a good idea in Texas Hold’em, but how was I to know he had pocket aces?

Out for a leisurely stroll. Actually about a 45-min, rather brisk stroll, and he was bleary-eyed but not about to go to sleep.

Sleeping in.*

Hanging (and bouncing) around the house.

Munchin’ some grindage. Shirtless, of course.

Just chillin’.

And then the best part:

Mom came home!!

*No children actually slept in their parents’ bed in the making of this photo essay.

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And the Gift Goes On

Sam’s been loaded down with prizes from all of our friends. Here are pictures of him enjoying just a few of them.

A new blanket from Steph:

An elephant from Dottie & Charlie:

And a fabulous outfit from Silas:

One more picture: we can’t stop getting shots of this little man while he’s asleep… the preciousness is just too much to handle!


4 Months

Sam turned 4 months old Saturday, and he had quite a weekend to celebrate.

Friday night Maggie came over to play while Tyler & Carrie went on a fancy date night.

Saturday afternoon our friend Emily, from college days, came by with her sister and her niece to see the boy. Emily taught me how to play the djembe, and she appropriately brought Sam his first musical instrument: a drum set that doubles as congas and a double-sided drum that rolls. It’s awesome. Her niece Jordan was also really sweet with Sam.

The weather is finally cooling down, so tonight for a church picnic Sam got to wear his first pair of jeans! We thought they might be too big. We were wrong. Not surprisingly, they turned out to actually be a bit snug in the midsection.

His gray sweatshirt also debuted tonight and completed the ensemble. Seriously, he was one happenin’ kid. Melissa says he looked like a mid-90s Gap model.

By far the highlight of Sam’s weekend was a new toy we borrowed from the Kulps. He’s been pushing up on his legs since he was just a couple of weeks old, so it’s high time we integrated the Johnny Jump-Up into his daily routine. (This video is kind of long, but hey, there are grandparents out there.) Since the video he’s gotten even better at the jumps- it’s amazingly entertaining.

The only downside is the remote possibility that he’ll burn so many calories that he slims down. Not likely.