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4 Months


Sam turned 4 months old Saturday, and he had quite a weekend to celebrate.

Friday night Maggie came over to play while Tyler & Carrie went on a fancy date night.

Saturday afternoon our friend Emily, from college days, came by with her sister and her niece to see the boy. Emily taught me how to play the djembe, and she appropriately brought Sam his first musical instrument: a drum set that doubles as congas and a double-sided drum that rolls. It’s awesome. Her niece Jordan was also really sweet with Sam.

The weather is finally cooling down, so tonight for a church picnic Sam got to wear his first pair of jeans! We thought they might be too big. We were wrong. Not surprisingly, they turned out to actually be a bit snug in the midsection.

His gray sweatshirt also debuted tonight and completed the ensemble. Seriously, he was one happenin’ kid. Melissa says he looked like a mid-90s Gap model.

By far the highlight of Sam’s weekend was a new toy we borrowed from the Kulps. He’s been pushing up on his legs since he was just a couple of weeks old, so it’s high time we integrated the Johnny Jump-Up into his daily routine. (This video is kind of long, but hey, there are grandparents out there.) Since the video he’s gotten even better at the jumps- it’s amazingly entertaining.

The only downside is the remote possibility that he’ll burn so many calories that he slims down. Not likely.

2 thoughts on “4 Months

  1. Sam you got some good looking dancing moves going on there!

  2. Way to go Sam! We were reminiscing about Owen jumping in a similar looking Camden bathroom doorway back in the day. We miss you guys!Matt and Kristen

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