Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

The Froggy Effect


Sam finally fits (and is about to grow out of) his first pair of footed pajamas from Pammie.
We can’t get enough of them, and I think he likes ’em, too.


And we’re done. Time for bed.

4 thoughts on “The Froggy Effect

  1. Seriously. Your son growled at the camera. I love that man. I can not help it and I will not deny it.

  2. i HAVE been checking your blog…call me a stalker. i should have commented a long time ago, but never have. sam is such a cutie-pie!! and, your blog is so entertaining! great to see that y’all are doing well. -meredith 🙂

  3. grrr baby can anyone say austin sam powers

  4. Dad was thinking the same thing, but I didn’t want people to think I was being carnal. Or a carnie. Circus folk… small hands… smell like cabbage…

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