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Boys’ Night In


Melissa went on a one-night women’s retreat last weekend, so Sam & I did what guys do on the weekend.

Poker night. I was chasing the flush. Rarely a good idea in Texas Hold’em, but how was I to know he had pocket aces?

Out for a leisurely stroll. Actually about a 45-min, rather brisk stroll, and he was bleary-eyed but not about to go to sleep.

Sleeping in.*

Hanging (and bouncing) around the house.

Munchin’ some grindage. Shirtless, of course.

Just chillin’.

And then the best part:

Mom came home!!

*No children actually slept in their parents’ bed in the making of this photo essay.

3 thoughts on “Boys’ Night In

  1. I love the jeans! Looks like a fun weekend for all! I was always surprised how many pictures and videos were taken while I was out and Matt was at home “studying.” So good to see daddy’s love their little boys! Miss you guys!

  2. This is my favorite post. The “Sam isn’t a baby, just another man around the house” posed shots crack me up every time. Keep it up, brother!

  3. I love the Polly Shore Quotage!!!!Keep’em coming BUUUUUUDDDYYYY!

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