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Rapture Practice

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Warning: this story involves seminary humor. Yes, we all know it’s not that funny.

Funny story: This afternoon I called Melissa on my office phone, and my pocket buzzed. Oops, I thought, I grabbed M’s phone after lunch instead of mine. Better call and let her know. So I called my phone. My other pocket buzzed. Oops, I grabbed both phones, and now M & Sam are at home with no phone. No problem, just a 5-min trip to take her her phone.

When I got home the door was unlocked, but I walked in and everything was quiet. Probably starting another nap. No one upstairs. Hmm. Did I not see them in the kitchen? No. Back porch? Nope. Car, stroller and car seat are all present, and the door was unlocked. I could call to see if she walked somewhere, but some bonehead took her phone. Only logical conclusion: my eschatology has been wrong all along, and the rapture happened after all. I’ve been Left Behind!

Turned out she was at Mary’s, about to have Mary call the phone so she could look for it. I went from being an idiot for taking it to being the hero for bringing it home. Nice move. Also, eschatology was briefly shaken but now back to normal.

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