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Still Basking in the Glory

On the way to Lucy’s party M said, “We’re those people.” To which I responded, “You mean those people who love the Bulldogs? Yes, we’re those people.”

Sam watched most of the game, but did catch a catnap toward the end of the first half.

And today at church was one occasion where the intentional match was definitely legit.


Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Lucy McCann turned one last week, so we celebrated her birthday on Saturday at the park. All the kids came in their Halloween costumes… the whole thing was really just an excuse to take LOTS of pictures.

The birthday girl enjoyed a taste of cake.

Maggie was a duck, Celia a “princess with makeup” and Sam a chili pepper.
Carrie and I came as moms.

Bennett was a ballerina in Celia’s old recital tutu.

Lucy was a ladybug but refused to wear her ladybug hat.

And, of course, we had to get a group picture. Getting all those kids on that bench was a blogworthy event in and of itself. You can see that Celia took very seriously her role as “Keeper of Sam.”

Bennett manhandled Lucy, who looked like a beatnik when she wasn’t wearing her costume.

Sam & Graham are only three weeks apart and usually have a lot to talk about.



Oh, it was beautiful. Near indescribable. Quite possibly the second greatest thing that’s happened this year.

Phone calls and texts were exchanged. Sam squealed and bounced (which is pretty normal, but I think he had some extra spring in his step.) Bratwursts were grilled. Sam went to bed. We continued to celebrate. I’ll probably wear red for days.

And for the record, Melissa’s been calling it for a week. It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

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Thursday Mornings

On Thursday mornings Amelia Weber comes to play at our house while her mom teaches and her dad’s at school. We are busy busy busy and figured she deserves a shout-out in the blogosphere.

Taking time to smell the roses.

Sam doing what Sam does best.

There’s exploring to be done!

“Hey, Amelia, watch me roll over.”

“Wait a minute… you’re not my mom…?!”

And, of course, every good morning includes some jumping time.

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Bennett Kulp has a stuffed lamb named Mam that is left at our house about twice a week. Finally, last week Melissa had enough, and Mam was held for a ransom of six jelly beans. We eventually worked out a peaceful swap, although the Kulps did not follow the proper flavor instructions. Mam’s safe for now…