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Georgia on our Minds (1): Family

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This weekend Sam made his first trip to maybe our favorite place in the world, Athens. His Aunt Kelsey is a freshman at UGA, and my uncle Hal and aunt Heather live there too. So most of the Warner Robins contingent came up and we had a great weekend in the Classic City. So great, in fact, that it will take 3 blog posts to really capture it all.

Sarah, Hal and Heather’s little girl, is the cutest thing– so great at sharing her whole world for the weekend!

Sam & Pammie matched for game day.

Pammie brought Sam’s first Georgia hat! It’s everything his dad dreamed of, and in a few months it will be just perfect. Until then, this is a standard kid shot. See, it’s funny because the hat is a lot bigger than his head.

Sam’s cousin CG is always on the move.

Sarah and her mom Heather, our hosts for the weekend.

Celia is still not sure what to make of Sam, who seems to end up in her Pammie and her Nene’s laps.

Nene with 2/3 of the new generation of Posey kids.

Pammie, they’re wearing me out. How many more pictures?

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