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Georgia on our Minds (2): Athens


Post #2, in which we highlight the uniquely Athens parts of our Athens trip.

Lauren, Kelsey & I tried to have a sibling bonding experience by going to the game. Instead we had a sibling bonding experience by orbiting the stadium twice looking for people selling tickets, to no avail. It was strange. But we were on campus, which was fun.

Sam can’t go under the Arch. Yet.

I am the only person in this picture who can go under the Arch. But Kels isn’t far behind.

Don’t worry, weirder things than this happen in downtown Athens after a game. To fully appreciate this picture, you must enlarge it and marvel at Sam’s chubby cheeks!

This is the kind of picture destined to go on a dad’s desk.

Oh, yes, Athens people- you know what I’m talkin about. It was as glorious as ever.

3 thoughts on “Georgia on our Minds (2): Athens

  1. Wait…why am I not getting this? What is the 5 thing? Is it 5 Star Day?man, gotta get back to Athens soon…

  2. You are right the cheeks picture enlarged is

  3. oh my gosh. i thought he couldn’t get any cuter, but he keeps doing it! give him a big smooch on those cheeks for me! – laura

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