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Happy Birthday, Lucy!


Lucy McCann turned one last week, so we celebrated her birthday on Saturday at the park. All the kids came in their Halloween costumes… the whole thing was really just an excuse to take LOTS of pictures.

The birthday girl enjoyed a taste of cake.

Maggie was a duck, Celia a “princess with makeup” and Sam a chili pepper.
Carrie and I came as moms.

Bennett was a ballerina in Celia’s old recital tutu.

Lucy was a ladybug but refused to wear her ladybug hat.

And, of course, we had to get a group picture. Getting all those kids on that bench was a blogworthy event in and of itself. You can see that Celia took very seriously her role as “Keeper of Sam.”

Bennett manhandled Lucy, who looked like a beatnik when she wasn’t wearing her costume.

Sam & Graham are only three weeks apart and usually have a lot to talk about.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  1. Y’all are a crowd of procreators. That is for sure.

  2. A couple corrections…One: Ceila was supposed to be a Princess with Make-up, but she like Bennett was a Ballarina with a long sleeve shirt on. Two: Lucy was stage-crew.Good party.

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