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Tag…. We’re It!!!

We were tagged by the Dirks, but instead of posting 10 fun facts about ourselves, I thought I’d post 10 random never-before-posted pictures. Enjoy the break from the usual Sam Fest.

This is my Grandma. I think she was in college here… isn’t she sassy? She & my Grampa live in Michigan now and I think they read the blog– hi guys!

This is my favorite picture of Celia Kulp. Ever. She had just come home from the Elephant Parade and was demonstrating for Jake how her foot could be used as a telephone. Awesome.

Jake’s m&m guy. I think it’s dead on. Except for the missing nose.

We were in Michigan last summer and my brother forgot to pack his bathing suit. So my Grandpa graciously lent his. Nice legs.

On Celia’s second birthday, I drew a chalk drawing of her on their back patio. What’s the big deal? IT’S STILL THERE, and she turns FOUR in January. That’s some industrial chalk.

St. Patrick’s Day, 2006. Carrie’s cake was very special.

When Jake took this picture in NOLA, just after the hurricane in 2005, we were driving this very car, a 1996 Saturn.

Jake found a best friend on our 2006 DC trip to see the Stofers.

Our last picture as a family of 2 before Sam arrived.
And before they started the pitocin.

This one makes me feel wintery all over.

There you have it. I’m not gonna tag anyone else- sorry- I just can’t get past the chain letter memories of fifth grade. But I hope you enjoyed the randomness.


The First Hunt Half Birthday

There have been a lot of birthday parties around here lately, but we kept coming up with so many fun ideas, we couldn’t help but celebrate Sam’s six month mark.
The party: Half a birthday sign hung over a half-set table and a half-painted card from Lucy!

The meal: Half cheeseburgers, mac-n-cheese (with half shells and half gemelli pasta), half a cake, and a plate with half cereal and half squash for Sam!

And, to round things out, a picture of the birthday boy doing half a roll with half his clothes on.

“And what happened to the last half of that cake?” you might ask hungrily. We sent it over to the neighbors. Sam’s been kind of loud lately, so we figured they deserved it.

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I Want To Get Away (a long post, but worth every word)

This is the Capes family. I’m not sure if they’ve ever made a major blog appearance (well, here’s one), but they are some of our closest friends in Charlotte. They invited us to go to their family lake house last weekened, and we had a fabulous time.

The Capes’ oldest, Natalie, threw a party for Sam to celebrate his inaugural trip to the lake. She even gave him a pirate doll that she had made herself. Her sister Ryann helped us celebrate.

This is Silas.

Silas took it upon himself to teach Sam the ways of the world.

As a former jumper himself, Silas also thought he should help Sam improve his technique.

The highlight of our weekend was a hike into Yellow Branch Falls. The big guys strapped the little guys on their backs, and we were off.

The weather & the trees were perfect!

Sam took a 40-minute snooze on the way in.

We picnicked in what used to be a deep part of the river. Can somebody say “drought?”

Everyone finished the hike in one piece…a huge victory when most of the kids involved are under 4. Ryann celebrated.

Natalie found some fabulous treasures.