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I Want To Get Away (a long post, but worth every word)

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This is the Capes family. I’m not sure if they’ve ever made a major blog appearance (well, here’s one), but they are some of our closest friends in Charlotte. They invited us to go to their family lake house last weekened, and we had a fabulous time.

The Capes’ oldest, Natalie, threw a party for Sam to celebrate his inaugural trip to the lake. She even gave him a pirate doll that she had made herself. Her sister Ryann helped us celebrate.

This is Silas.

Silas took it upon himself to teach Sam the ways of the world.

As a former jumper himself, Silas also thought he should help Sam improve his technique.

The highlight of our weekend was a hike into Yellow Branch Falls. The big guys strapped the little guys on their backs, and we were off.

The weather & the trees were perfect!

Sam took a 40-minute snooze on the way in.

We picnicked in what used to be a deep part of the river. Can somebody say “drought?”

Everyone finished the hike in one piece…a huge victory when most of the kids involved are under 4. Ryann celebrated.

Natalie found some fabulous treasures.

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