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the hunts in prague

The First Hunt Half Birthday


There have been a lot of birthday parties around here lately, but we kept coming up with so many fun ideas, we couldn’t help but celebrate Sam’s six month mark.
The party: Half a birthday sign hung over a half-set table and a half-painted card from Lucy!

The meal: Half cheeseburgers, mac-n-cheese (with half shells and half gemelli pasta), half a cake, and a plate with half cereal and half squash for Sam!

And, to round things out, a picture of the birthday boy doing half a roll with half his clothes on.

“And what happened to the last half of that cake?” you might ask hungrily. We sent it over to the neighbors. Sam’s been kind of loud lately, so we figured they deserved it.

5 thoughts on “The First Hunt Half Birthday

  1. I love this idea. Very creative!!! Who came up with it?

  2. you’ve been tagged…check out our blog.

  3. I love this idea!!! I also love being able to keep up with y’all. It looks like you have a blast together…hope all is well.

  4. So creative!! I don’t think Matt and I would have come up with that one in a million years. Please give Sam half of a hug and half of a kiss from the Purdys! Miss you guys!

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