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Stop 4: Five O’Clock Somewhere

Faithful readers may recall Mickey Dee’s, (or this might help) where our sister-in-law Melissa worked her karaoke magic. She’s moved the show to a new place called Five O’Clock Somewhere, where there’s now a world of fun every Thursday night. This week we joined in. We can’t really recreate the experience, but you can have a taste.

As an aside, an impressive stat. Number of times Melissa (Hunt) was asked to dance by strangers: 2. The first was a guy who asked Uncle Warren who she was. Warren’s answer: “My nephew’s wife.” Guy #1 never made it all the way to Melissa. #2 was a gentleman named Eric, who was inquiring whether Melissa could dance and use the video camera at the same time.

Melissa: What kind of dancing did you have in mind?
Eric: I don’t know. Slow dancing?
Melissa: You’ll have to talk to my husband about that (indicating Jake).
Eric: That’s your husband?
Melissa: (nods)
Eric: Will he hit me?
Melissa: Probably not, but I don’t think he’ll let me dance with you.

Eric did come over to speak to me, and was very polite, despite having perhaps had one too many. He asked me the same question: whether Melissa could dance and use the camera at the same time.

Jake: I’m not sure. Who did you want her to dance with?
Eric: Well, it could be me or you.
Jake: Well, she might be able to do that, but I don’t want her to dance with you.

Eric might have been disappointed, but I was able to introduce him to the karaoke DJ (Melissa) as well as the bouncer (Andrew), so that was a pretty nice consolation prize.

Sorry you can’t all be in our family. But the new place is a little bigger, so maybe you can come next time.

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Stop 4: Athens

Thursday we headed to Athens to hook up with the Jenkins clan, Jake’s dad’s side of the family.

Aunt Annie had a ball with Sam.

Melissa got quite a find in the white elephant gift exchange.

Jake’s grandmother, Grandmary, is in the green. All of her siblings are still living– at 85, she’s actually the next-to-youngest! Clockwise: Grandmary, Crawford, Augusta, and James.

Here’s Grandmary with a very tired little boy.

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Stop 3: Lawrenceville

Grandma Cindi’s had a big year. She knits these stockings for each new addition to the family (she was working on mine right up until Christmas morning ’02). Well, in March Andrew’s family went from one to 5 with the addition of Melissa, Sidney, Annina, and Austin. 4 stockings. Then Sam came in May. One more, for a record 5 stockings to be knitted in just the past few months. It also makes for a full mantle!

And here’s the little prince with Cindi’s final project (for now). You’ll recall that this makes two personalized stockings for said little prince.

Everybody says they should just get the baby wrapping paper and boxes for Christmas, but I have yet to see anybody follow through with it, including us.

Good thing, though, because he loves his lion walker/rider from Grandma & Grampa.

And chillin’ with Uncle Andrew.

And group pictures around the dinner table. Note that he’s turned around– he knows what the beeping means. We’ve created a monster.

But his favorite thing about Grandma & Grampa’s house may be Violet.

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Photo Op

Now that we have three cute kids in the family (Sarah, Celia & Sam), we were intent on getting some good Christmas pictures. Sarah couldn’t make it because of her dad’s work schedule, so we were down to two. Fortunately, Sam’s pretty much stuck once we sit him up somewhere, so he might as well smile. Celia, on the other hand, is a pro walker and isn’t so big on being still. Hilarity ensued.


Christmas Morning

Sam’s been having some trouble getting to his desired wake-up time of 7 AM. (Although I’m sure there’s no trouble at all in his mind.) But Christmas morning, after one re-binking, he gave us the very special gift of a 7:30 wakeup call!

Merry Christmas from 2 sleepy Hunts and one hungry one.

Christmas PJ’s from Pammie!

And a brand-new personalized stocking from Nene!

Celia was sporting her Christmas PJ’s too.