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The Thanksgiving Trek

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Buckle up, Blue Sky readers. We had a long Thanksgiving, and now there’s bloggin’ to do.

On the way to Warner Robins the Tues before Thanksgiving, we were making amazing time when all of a sudden I-85 was a parking lot. For two and a half hours. Finally, thanks to some good advice from Gaffer, we hit an exit and took a secret route through most of north Georgia. We should have taken pictures of how Sam was entertained in a motionless car for that long, but we didn’t. What we did get was a picture of this sign for a trailer lot. What in the world is Bunnytuna?

Sam thought Aunt Kels was hilarious.

And he finally got met Mimi, another great-grandmother.

Yes, we have a Mimi and a Nene. That kind of thing happens in South Georgia. Here’s Sam double-fisting great-grandmothers.

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