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Down with the LP… P.. er…


Just after Thanksgiving we made a surprise trip to Michigan to see my grandparents.

It was Sam’s first plane trip. He did amazingly well with all the travel, and we’ve since decided that he actually prefers a life of chaos over being at his nice, quiet home. I guess that’s a missionary kid for ya.

Grandma’s always been a skinny mini… Sam almost outweighs her.

Grampa loved taking Sam for rides on his new scooter. They could have zoomed around all day.

Hard to believe Peter is a great uncle!

Sam’s favorite pastime in Michigan: chewing on Grampa’s oxygen tubes. What a class act.

And, the obligatory group picture for Kristi 🙂

The coolest thing is that the Michigan crowd regularly checks the blog.
Thanks, yall, for a fun visit– sorry it took so long to get your pictures up!

2 thoughts on “Down with the LP… P.. er…

  1. I like the pic of Sam chewing on the oxygen tube!carrie

  2. This is so sweet! How fun to ride around in the scooter! thanks for the shout-out 🙂

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