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Our Christmas Eve


We celebrate our family Christmas the night before we leave to travel.

Sam liked helping cut out the Christmas cookies. Melissa enjoyed frosting the Christmas cookies. Mmmmmmmmm……

Sam’s cookie is a little more short and stout, for obvious reasons.

Every year on Christmas Eve we have spaghetti and meatballs. We make the same meatballs every Christmas Eve, and only Christmas Eve. They are our Christmas Eve meatballs.

I was pretty proud of this wrapping job.

This is one of the best presents of the decade. I’m one step closer to being an Adam Capes protégé.

Ahhhh! OPENING PRESENTS IS SO FUN!! (M is wearing one of hers.)

Our first three-strong Christmas picture!

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Sandy sent The Polar Express.

Although we have three chairs at the table now, we decided we could have one more two-person Christmas Eve dinner. It’s a lot quieter that way, and next year I’m sure he’ll dig some meatballs.

2 thoughts on “Our Christmas Eve

  1. That meatball, red wine picture looks amazing…hmmm…how much longer ’til I can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner??Love the Christmas Eve traditions. You guys are a great family.

  2. I want some of those meatballs. Please…seriously, please.

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