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Stop 3: Lawrenceville

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Grandma Cindi’s had a big year. She knits these stockings for each new addition to the family (she was working on mine right up until Christmas morning ’02). Well, in March Andrew’s family went from one to 5 with the addition of Melissa, Sidney, Annina, and Austin. 4 stockings. Then Sam came in May. One more, for a record 5 stockings to be knitted in just the past few months. It also makes for a full mantle!

And here’s the little prince with Cindi’s final project (for now). You’ll recall that this makes two personalized stockings for said little prince.

Everybody says they should just get the baby wrapping paper and boxes for Christmas, but I have yet to see anybody follow through with it, including us.

Good thing, though, because he loves his lion walker/rider from Grandma & Grampa.

And chillin’ with Uncle Andrew.

And group pictures around the dinner table. Note that he’s turned around– he knows what the beeping means. We’ve created a monster.

But his favorite thing about Grandma & Grampa’s house may be Violet.

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