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the hunts in prague

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The Weekend

This weekend Jake was out of town speaking at a men’s retreat, so Grandma came up to hang out with Melissa & the boy. They had a great time, and Cindi got to join in a pretty fun girls’ night too.

The men of the household were very glad to be reunited yesterday!
(note: This is Sam’s new smile… wide and thin. We think he’s trying to show off his teeth!)

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I Gotta Feva

And sadly, more cowbell doesn’t seem to help. This is what we’ve looked at the past couple of days: A little bleary, a lot snotty, but not unhappy, at least most of the time. He topped out just over 102 on Wednesday, but we don’t think it’s been that bad since then.

Consolation prize: a winter wonderland! And maybe more on the way tonight.

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Adult Swim

In a kid-dominated blog (and world), here’s a picture of some big people. The McCanns, who are about to leave for Costa Rica, are staying in the very nice guest apartment of a very nice house of some very nice friends. New Year’s Eve we had a very nice spend-the-night party. Happy 2008 (minus the 18 days that have already happened)!

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How Bout Them Dawgs!

A little behind here, but we didn’t want you to miss the shots of the family preparing for UGA to… um… well, we won our bowl game. Let’s just leave it at that. No need to be tacky.

Yes, Sam’s hat is sitting a little high here, but that’s because it’s still a little big. It’ll be just right for spring practice.