Blue Sky

the hunts in prague



We’ve been saying goodbye to Sean, Lindsey, & Lucy for awhile now. Not because they won’t leave, but because we wanted to delay the actual goodbye as long as possible. They fly to Costa Rica tomorrow, so last weekend we went and spent a last weekend together (for now) at Lindsey’s parents’ house in Appling, GA.

Lucy saw Sam rocking, noticed he wasn’t making any forward progress, and thought she’d help out with a boost.

Summary of my day Monday:

  1. Didn’t go to work. Instead, hung out with family and close friends.
  2. Shot a gun many, many times, frequently hitting targets.
  3. Bought a guitar.
  4. Ate fried stuff, had tasty beverages.

All in all, a very successful day.

Sometime between the last time and this time, Sam decided he likes to swing.

Cleaning off all the nature. (Yes, Sam spends most of bathtime holding himself.)

We love you guys!

2 thoughts on “Appling

  1. gaw! Sam’s just modest. He’s no fool – he knows these pictures will be in his SR yearbook ad one day. He’s keeping the “revealing” pics to a minimum. Way to go, bud.

  2. Okay so as I said goodbye to you today it really did not hit me until right now when I read your blog. We love you guys and we will miss you dearly.

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