Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Sneak Preview


Last weekend we did primary shooting for an upcoming training video for Uptown’s nursery workers.

Mary kept the child actors entertained until casting called.

I was delighted to be behind the camera for most of the shooting.

Stellar cast: the Bryan, Kulp, Dirks, and Hunt kids. Caleigh Dyer (not pictured) also had a cameo.

For more, you’ll have to wait for Sundance 2009.

6 thoughts on “Sneak Preview

  1. That picture of all the kids is

  2. The Bryan was one of our best actors…

  3. hey, can we get a copy of that here for year two of faith community church? i’m sure we need it. thanks,faith community’s ill-equipped children’s ministry coordinator

  4. I hope (for everyone) that the ‘jean jacket’ scene does not hit the cutting room floor.

  5. Sure hope the finished product will be posted or linked here – as it looks pretty interesting, to say the least!

  6. I have GOT to get a copy of that video.

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