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Yard Sale Prices for Golden Memories

Last weekend Paige and I hosted a garage sale at her house. Several other ladies contributed stuff, and we were hoping for that “de-clutter high” when you empty your house of a lot of junk, but I’m still coming across things I should’ve sold. Anyway, we had a great time.

Christy came to hang out and help us get ready- what a friend!

Jake stopped by after work and was immediately surrounded by his posse.

Sorry, Sam- the bike’s not for sale.

Silas sampled some of the wares,

Ryann taught Sam some illicit behaviors,

the guys continued their work on the deck,

and the kids entertained our customers.

In the end, we walked away with a nice wad of cash for each of us. Bravo!


Meeting Camilla

Last Wednesday we treked up to the hospital with the Garrisons to meet our newest neighbor, Camilla Kulp.

Bennett got to come with us, and was thrilled to get an extra visit with Mom!

Sam and Mary’s mom got better aquainted.

On the way home, we picked up the rest of the Garrisons from school. Laura had a full van and carted us around like a champ!

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Blogosphere News

Jake’s “serious” blog, Wiser Time, is moving to a new location. The link to the left has been updated, but if you have the old one bookmarked, please go ahead and make the switch.

If you haven’t seen Wiser Time, please check it out. It has book reviews, theological stuff, random musings, and even audio of some of my sermons and teaching. Just on the off chance that anyone’s interested in anything other than pictures of Sam– although I can’t imagine why.

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4th (I think) Annual Hunt Eggstravaganza

This year we fully embraced our life stage and moved our egg decorating party to the afternoon to accommodate younger guests.

Some six-year-old girls might swoon, but Emma Kruger was all about blowing out some eggs.

Under the table and dreaming.

Celia, understandably proud of her handiwork.

Dave, even prouder of his gingham smock.

Chilling out after some Frisbee, freeze tag, and Duck Duck Goose.

One of Bennett’s last days as the baby of the family!

John & Emma still proudly sporting their face paint from the egg hunt.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but this was the Egg of the Day: Deep red with silver flair.

(Note: my favorite egg, the Charlie Brown, is still missing. Attendees will recall that this was the third Charlie Brown egg I made that day, and I was very pleased with it. We have no explanation for its disappearance. If you have any information, please let me know. I’ll protect your anonymity.)

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Easter Egg Hunt

The weather was great on Easter weekend, which made everything a lot of fun. We headed to Uptown’s Easter egg hunt, where we took very few pictures but had a very nice time.

We’ve been working on getting Sam to crawl on outdoor surfaces. This weekend it just clicked. Here he is storming the hill at Latta Park.

And watching Mr. Josh juggle.

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She’s Here

Praise the Lord for our newest member of the Camden for Life family: Camilla Gray Kulp joined the team this afternoon. Dave & Mary say she looks like big sis Celia, and we can’t wait to feast our own eyes on her tomorrow. We love you, Kulps!