Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Fondue, FUNdo!


I’ m getting nervous that we’ll start losing readers if we ONLY post Sam pictures, so here’s a shot from our most recent adults-only night. Fondue with the Elsons and the Capes. Very tasty. Very fun.
In case your mouth’s not watering yet: pots of cheese for veggies and bread, then even more chocoate for fruit and cake.

5 thoughts on “Fondue, FUNdo!

  1. Cheese and Chocolate…that’s enough to gain a new reader

  2. Who cares about you guys, I want more of Sam 🙂

  3. I’m with Lindsey…but I do love fondue. I have often daydreamed of the wonderful stuff.

  4. I LOVE fondue!!! We have friends that we fondue with – cheese with bread and apples, then meat (steak & chicken) with a variety of sauces. Yummm…so good.

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