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Miscellenies (updated)

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Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work, I noticed that the windows were down on the Honda. Bad news, since it was raining all night. But we had gotten back from a support meeting around 10:15 the night before, and I didn’t remember having the windows down. So I asked M if she’d let them down. Nope. All 3 keys were accounted for. Nothing missing from the car, including a bunch of CD’s and a trunk full of baby gear. Did someone break into our car very carefully (no evidence of forced entry), start the car, let down the windows, lock the doors back, and leave without taking anything?

If so, I wish they had let the windows back up, because now the car smells kind of musty.


Naps are Sam’s wheelhouse. He’s normally very predictable, goes down easy, etc. But this morning he learned to sit back up by himself from a crawl. Very cute and useful, but now he’s been sitting up in his crib since 9:45. He talked for the first half hour or so, then I went in to try another round of singing and he was sitting up, binky on the floor, and staring at the door. He was very happy to see me. We might be into a new phase.

Update: He did nap for about an hour, not as long as usual. The same routine happened for the second nap, except he never went to sleep. Notwithstanding three tries, with the bedtime routine repeated each time. He went all day on one shortened nap. I don’t even do that most Saturdays. What are we getting into?

One thought on “Miscellenies (updated)

  1. We can totally relate with the sitting up in the crib. Laily just discovered this also and has had a hard time figuring out how to get down to sleep. This has lead to some pretty funny home videos of her sitting up sucking her thumb and nodding off. It is both sad and really funny. Hope he masters getting back down to sleep.

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