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Annie & Purdys- This One’s for You!


Sam & Silas are buddies. They’re three days short of being exactly one year apart, and they truly enjoy each other’s company. While the deck shenanigans were going on, the two friends chatted in the grass about life and their shared love of cheese.

Sam also worked to perfect his Godfather impression.

That evening, Silas gave Sam his first tour of Costco. We’ve heard about the hot dogs, but if we’d known about the double-wide shopping carts we’d have been there months ago!

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5 thoughts on “Annie & Purdys- This One’s for You!

  1. I love this. You know who will love it more? Pam Downs.

  2. Just for the record Sam’s club has double size carts as well. Not sure if I told ya’ll this but there is even a Sam’s like store here in San Jose called Price Mart, it is awesome free samples and all.

  3. I’m assuming they each were given their own hot dog and soda for $1.50. Hopefully you also purchased the half-lifetime supply of diapers in a single box. Also the apple pie!

  4. but how are silas and sam going to grow up best friends if everyone doesn’t stay in charlotte forever? sigh!!

  5. sam is so cute i cannot stand it. i can’t wait to give him a squeeze when he gets here!!! (laura, not chris. though chris will prob give him a high five or something)

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