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Meeting Camilla


Last Wednesday we treked up to the hospital with the Garrisons to meet our newest neighbor, Camilla Kulp.

Bennett got to come with us, and was thrilled to get an extra visit with Mom!

Sam and Mary’s mom got better aquainted.

On the way home, we picked up the rest of the Garrisons from school. Laura had a full van and carted us around like a champ!

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5 thoughts on “Meeting Camilla

  1. You let Sam ride facing front? What kind of crazy mother are you? That won’t be safe for 6 more weeks!

  2. unless you’re maggie dirks then you may never be able to ride frontward…

  3. okay one more third and final comment, and yes this is still Carrie…Comment: Family of four looks good on yall!

  4. Can it, Carrie. Jake is listening.

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