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the hunts in prague

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PRAGUE- Tuesday

Tuesday morning Jake & Jeremiah took a boat cruise on the Charles River. (Jake’s note: Yeah, like you never took a romantic cruise with a buddy.)

This was their captain. They say he was fabulous. (Jake’s note: “Fabulous” in the sense that he knew a lot about Prague history. Not in the sense of “wearing a sailor’s suit.” Also, he dropped us off under the Charles Bridge so that we could emerge Ninja Turtle-like in the square in order to make it on time to our rendezvouz with Phil.)

That afternoon we wandered around one last time and shot the Walking Tour video.

One last escalator ride.

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PRAGUE- Monday

Monday began with a fabulous lunch at the Syvertsons’ flat for the girls.

A giant TV tower was erected near the Syvertsons’ place. It’s huge and ugly (as most utility towers are), so they decided to adorn it with babies to help soften the image a bit. That’s right. Babies. Jessica got a great close-up of one of them, but it’s too disturbing to post, so I’ll just stick with the wide shot. Weird. And hilarious. All at the same time.

Anyway- back to the brunch. We gorged ourselves on Laura’s amazing cooking and had a wonderful time catching up. They have a beautiful flat, too. Here we are on their terrace.

Don’t the girls look like something out of an elegant 50s movie here?

A pose on the stairs.

That evening we had an amazing worship night. No pictures, obviously, but the Lord blessed us all amazingly.
Afterward, we went out for “Czexican” at a nearby restaurant.

Jessica was really craving a hamburger, and the Czexicans delivered.

Just a sweet picture of our sweet team leaders, Phil & Shanna. They work exhaustively to see God’s kingdom spread in Prague and manage to be kind and loving in the process. Wow.

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PRAGUE- Sunday

We apparently didn’t take any pictures Sunday, so I had to steal these from our team’s Facebook pages. Thanks, yall!

The Prague church doesn’t meet till 4:30pm, so we had the morning to see some more sights. Here’s a family shot in front of our favorite reformer, Jan Hus.

The entrance to Faith Community Church (or at least where they meet now).

The church meets in a room about the size of the first floor of our apartment in Charlotte.

Sam snuck a smooch from Dad while we set up that afternoon.

These shots are from after the service.

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Birthday Girl

Melissa’s birthday was right before Prague, so we haven’t gotten to it here yet. But it was a big one this year– ended in a 0– so some people who love M worked together to throw her a small but very fun “semi-surprise” party. We don’t have a ton of pictures but have pillaged other blogs and cameras.

Paige and Adam hosted, even though it was their anniversary. Seriously, great friends.

The spread: all of M’s favorite desserts.

Some of the guests waiting on the birthday girl…

… while we waited to stuff ourselves at Cantina.

The reaction (with commentary by Pastor Dave:)

And one of the best parts of the surprise: video greetings from some of M’s favorite people.

Melissa said she felt spoiled. The rest of us were pretty sure she deserved it.

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PRAGUE- A Walking Tour

You’re still waiting on Prague pictures, and there’s still more from M’s birthday, and basically Blue Sky has lost all sense of chronology. But we’re pleased to unveil the following: a real glimpse of what life looks like in Prague. Here we go from the Davises’ flat to two of the main attractions of the city and back, and you go with us: on foot, on the bus, on the metro. It’s a little long as YouTube videos go– about 5 minutes– but the actual process took 2 hours. Also, we totally gave up any sense of Prague chic-ness we might have had from being somewhat familiar with the city to make this, so the least you can do is watch it. If you want to.

Apologies to everyone, especially my father, for the choppy camera work. Enjoy.
(Melissa’s note: What he means is “for Melissa‘s choppy camera work.” I married into the videography family, I make no claims of quality.)

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The Dutchers

Kathryn, Shawn & Corbin Dutcher came to help celebrate my birthday- it was such a treat! We partied, ate, watched movies, napped and visited the playground. Sam & Corbin are both big fans of the slide.

Note Corbin’s perfectly bent arms and flawless execution. Sam still needs some work on his form.

Ta da!

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