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the hunts in prague

To Prague (but not for good)


We leave tomorrow for a one-week trip to Prague! Faith Community Church is celebrating her first anniversary this weekend, and we’ll be there with a group from Uptown to encourage the Prague team and help out with some of the festivities.

Longtime readers will remember our first Prague trip, when we went to look into joining the team there. We love the city, we love the team, and we love their vision. We’re excited to visit them, because right now we’re kind of between two worlds as we’re still in Charlotte but preparing for the move to Prague.

We’ll try to post lots of pictures while we’re gone. If you’re interested in more background on Prague and what the team there does, check out this page at Wiser Time, where Jake has a bunch of links.

3 thoughts on “To Prague (but not for good)

  1. are you there yet? prayed for y’all on the plane- and for sam especially-… have fun y’all!

  2. Here’s hopes ya’ll have a wonderful, uplifting trip, and DON’T FORGET TO FIND A GOOD BARBECUE PLACE OVER THERE!!

  3. so glad you made it! Tell Jess I said hey!

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