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the hunts in prague

PRAGUE- We Made it!

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We arrived in Prague right on time, 6:30 Friday morning local (12:30 AM EST). Sam had decent flights– we were busy entertaining and calming him, but very little loud time. Today he recovered very well, went to bed right on time and seems to be sleeping hard, so hopefully the jet lag won’t be much of an issue.

We took a couple hours to rest this morning, then most of the team went into the city for lunch and spent the afternoon hitting some of the high points. Melissa and Sam stayed home with Shanna, Piper, Clark and Lucy, which gave Sam some great free-to-move time. Then tonight we had dinner with the team, pressed on as long as possible, and now we’re dragging to bed.

The jet lag hasn’t been bad at all, and we are so glad to be here. It’s been great to see our Prague friends again and hear how excited they are that we’ll be here for good before too long. We’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow.

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