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the hunts in prague

PRAGUE- Thursday


We’ve been a little distracted by taking care of Sam, so teammates have the best pictures so far. But here’s what we have.

Sam did pretty well on the plane. Lots of whining but very little screaming, so overall not a bad showing. We had new books and toys courtesy of Grandma Cindi.

He loved looking out the window at the planes. Seriously, this ate up a good half hour.

L to R: Lauren, Jessica Forbes, Jeremiah. Our teammates are awesome with Sam, which is so great for us. It really means a lot to us that they love him so much.

Sam was quite intrigued with the moving sidewalk.

A great family at church let us borrow their DVD player (Thanks Vaughns!). This is probably the second time he’s watched a whole Baby Einsteins. We didn’t mind it one bit.

This lasted about 1.5 glorious hours.

But some teammates gave us a break and watched a movie with the boy.

And Barnyard Dance was a huge hit.

3 thoughts on “PRAGUE- Thursday

  1. i love that y’all are there! does it feel like home!

  2. Love the conveyer shot. Is this research testing for American Airlines?

  3. I haven’t commented on the fact that you guess are going to/moving to Prague, but I am THRILLED for you. How exciting! What a wonderful place. I visited several times when family came over to stay with me in Germany and I loved the city. There are some really amazing people there. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. And I commented on this post because I just wanted to say that I think it’s great that you took Sam with you. Some other parents might want to leave the babe at home, but I’d take him, too. I think you get some supermama award for the feat.

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