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the hunts in prague

A Big Day


Yeah, yeah, we know. You’re still waiting for more Prague pictures. Simmer down, we’re a little busy here. You’ll get your pictures. In the meantime, Sam, apparently unhindered by jetlag, reached 2 milestones this morning.

Milestone 1: circa 5 AM. (This photo is a reenactment.) He’s been pulling up on stuff for a while, but hadn’t pulled to his feet yet in the crib. Today he did. And got stuck, because he didn’t know how to sit down. We don’t know how long he’d been standing there.

Milestone 2: Climbed up the stairs. In about a minute’s time. He’s gotten up on the first step before, but today something clicked.

5 thoughts on “A Big Day

  1. I think Clark gave him a pep talk about hanging with the big boys and whatcha gotta do… standing, climbing and walking. Sam’s got two out of three. (Clark is still asking several times a day “where is baby sam? When is he going to move here?) Miss you guys already!Davises

  2. Now the fun with the stairs has begun! Hope you have a baby gate or you will be chasing him up and down all day long. Good times, good times…

  3. Way to go, Sammie! I love his face of pride and accomplishment in both pictures.

  4. Like father, like son!!At least the Junior Sonator chose to stand where he can just plop down on a pad!!GAFFER

  5. Ah stairs…so much fun.

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