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Birthday Girl


Melissa’s birthday was right before Prague, so we haven’t gotten to it here yet. But it was a big one this year– ended in a 0– so some people who love M worked together to throw her a small but very fun “semi-surprise” party. We don’t have a ton of pictures but have pillaged other blogs and cameras.

Paige and Adam hosted, even though it was their anniversary. Seriously, great friends.

The spread: all of M’s favorite desserts.

Some of the guests waiting on the birthday girl…

… while we waited to stuff ourselves at Cantina.

The reaction (with commentary by Pastor Dave:)

And one of the best parts of the surprise: video greetings from some of M’s favorite people.

Melissa said she felt spoiled. The rest of us were pretty sure she deserved it.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. so, she’s 20?!? (wink wink) Nice birthday surprise!!!

  2. I think that is actually Rector Dirks providing the commentary, not the Right Reverend Dave. At least he was the one w/ the video camera all night…Ummm… when did we get visual verification on our blog? ofadzhkt

  3. When we started getting spam on every post.

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