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the hunts in prague

PRAGUE- A Walking Tour

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You’re still waiting on Prague pictures, and there’s still more from M’s birthday, and basically Blue Sky has lost all sense of chronology. But we’re pleased to unveil the following: a real glimpse of what life looks like in Prague. Here we go from the Davises’ flat to two of the main attractions of the city and back, and you go with us: on foot, on the bus, on the metro. It’s a little long as YouTube videos go– about 5 minutes– but the actual process took 2 hours. Also, we totally gave up any sense of Prague chic-ness we might have had from being somewhat familiar with the city to make this, so the least you can do is watch it. If you want to.

Apologies to everyone, especially my father, for the choppy camera work. Enjoy.
(Melissa’s note: What he means is “for Melissa‘s choppy camera work.” I married into the videography family, I make no claims of quality.)

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