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the hunts in prague

PRAGUE- Monday

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Monday began with a fabulous lunch at the Syvertsons’ flat for the girls.

A giant TV tower was erected near the Syvertsons’ place. It’s huge and ugly (as most utility towers are), so they decided to adorn it with babies to help soften the image a bit. That’s right. Babies. Jessica got a great close-up of one of them, but it’s too disturbing to post, so I’ll just stick with the wide shot. Weird. And hilarious. All at the same time.

Anyway- back to the brunch. We gorged ourselves on Laura’s amazing cooking and had a wonderful time catching up. They have a beautiful flat, too. Here we are on their terrace.

Don’t the girls look like something out of an elegant 50s movie here?

A pose on the stairs.

That evening we had an amazing worship night. No pictures, obviously, but the Lord blessed us all amazingly.
Afterward, we went out for “Czexican” at a nearby restaurant.

Jessica was really craving a hamburger, and the Czexicans delivered.

Just a sweet picture of our sweet team leaders, Phil & Shanna. They work exhaustively to see God’s kingdom spread in Prague and manage to be kind and loving in the process. Wow.

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