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Bad Pictures, Great Party

My wife and guy friends are great. They conspired to throw me a surprise birthday party Tuesday night on the back porch. I was quite surprised, since my birthday was 10 days earlier. It turns out there had been several adjustments to the party date, which made the fact that it actually happened that much more impressive. It was a great night of chilling on the porch with good tunes, friends, and pipes.

As the title indicates, the pictures are absolutely awful, but it’s a little different than the standard posed group shot, so enjoy.

Adam got a new pipe for Christmas. Is fancy.

I’m not sure if Jeremiah got his pink shorts for Christmas, but they’re fancy too.

Note the mini-paper lanterns. No reason guys can’t have a little flavor.

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Welcome Back, Purdys

The Purdys also paid Charlotte a visit for graduation weekend. It was so so so fun to have them here!
We started out Saturday morning with a pancake breakfast. Only this picture is blurry and there are only three pancakes. You’ll just have to believe me.

The best part of the weekend was when we got to talk with the McCanns on iChat [which means we could see them, too!] It was the next best thing to having them here in person, and it totally made me feel like George Jetson.

Sweet, sleepy boys.

We finished it off with an after-church lunch at Wendy’s.

We love you, Matt, Kristen, Owen & Baxter!

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