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the hunts in prague

PRAGUE- Wednesday

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[Yep- still haven’t finished the Prague posts yet]
The flight home from Prague was better than the flight there. Less whining, anyway. But boy was it a L O N G day.
Had I known how long it was going to feel, I might’ve filled these with more than water and juice.

Enjoying the in-flight entertainment (all child-rearing standards go out the window when you’re in survival mode).

Our team was awesome in helping us pass the hours.

Well….. sort of….

Once we got to Atltana, Sam felt more comfortable crawling around the airport au naturale… he knows he has Georgia roots.

By the time we got to Charlotte, Sam’s tired little body thought it was 4am. Just take a minute and imagine that, if you will.

All in all, an amazingly wonderful & encouraging trip!

One thought on “PRAGUE- Wednesday

  1. Poor Sam…that makes ME tired! He’s such a trooper!

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