Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Praise the Lord!


Today I had to calculate our percentage of monthly support raised to prepare for a phone meeting. We are at 51%! We knew we would be crossing the halfway point soon, but at least I thought it would be another couple of weeks. Please join us in thanking God for this provision– and praying that the rest comes in even faster!

8 thoughts on “Praise the Lord!

  1. How exciting! We are rejoicing with you.

  2. thank you God, continue to provide for these wonderful servants of Yours!

  3. Did Lucy really use the word “rejoicing”?Wow– she really HAS learned a lot since moving South.

  4. Well Lucy actually said esta alabanza- but I didn’t think you would understand so I translated it for you.

  5. I knew it– she’s brilliant (and so are yall!)

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