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Civic Duty


Sam got his first taste of democracy last week. Now, I could make a number of jokes here about how he probably could have voted because of the lack of ID requirement, one party in particular tends to claim “voter intimidation” and would probably back him up, etc. But it’s not that kind of blog. Not appropriate. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Civic Duty

  1. For a second, in the bottom picture, I thought that was a little donkey on his shirt. Showing a little party-pride. I guess not. So you’re not going to say who you voted for? If you voted Democrat- I’d say you’re an Obama fan, but that’s just because you’re a college-educated white woman. But wait, this isn’t that kind of blog, so I’ll stop.

  2. Let’s just say it takes a little more content than “Yes We Can” to impress this mama.

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