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the hunts in prague

8 thoughts on “The Cake

  1. Chuck here:It’s important to teach him early the value of the construction & equipment industry. If Sam needs a job selling those dump trucks, bulldozers or backhoes, tell him to give me a call. It’s never to early to start training for the future. Love the idea and the cake. Great Work!

  2. wow. amazing cake. and i was just happy to see a kitchen aid in the first picture. silly me, i should have known each picture would get better and better. glad it turned out so great!

  3. WHat a great cake! And I bet it tasted great! Weight Watchers really stinks right about now!Looks like yall had a fun day, with lots and lots of cake!

  4. THE CAKE IS AMAZING!! Happy Birthday Sam!

  5. Ha, ha, Chuck…I was just about to say that this cake reminded me of the Grooms cake at your wedding. Love the pics – he is all boy with that chocolate all over his face!

  6. Do y’all watch Ace of Cakes on Food Network? You could totally work for Duff! Love the creativity! Melissa, you are right, he is ALL boy. I love it.

  7. Way to make all us parents who get our kids cakes from publix look bad!

  8. Katie, dear… some of us only have one child so far.. when I have three like you I’ll be impressed if I even remember their birthdays!

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