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Sam Hearts Milkshake

Melissa and Sam were gone for a few days this week, so Sam & I took some special man-time Saturday and headed to Chick-Fil-A for a special summer treat. Sam started with an IceDream™, but once he got a taste of my Cookies & Cream milkshake, that was all she wrote. Apparently he has no lactose intolerance issues.


Ode to Uga VI

Our beloved Georgia mascot, Uga VI, died last night. He was crowned when Jake & I were students there, was our largest and winningest mascot, and will be greatly missed by the Bulldog Nation.

Sam decided he wanted to remember Uga (pronounced UH-guh…. not ooo-guh or you-gee-ay) with some memorial art.
First, a rough draft.

Now, down to work on the real thing.
Blending some colors.

Adding the finishing touches.

An artist’s work is never done, but I guess this’ll do.

The final product.

We’ll miss you, Uga VI– the way you rolled in the ice, your floppy jowls, and especially your tendency toward immodest camera angles . We look forward to meeting VII and cheering on our Dawgs for years to come.

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I (Melissa) volunteered at our church’s VBS last week as the Bible teacher [How did I qualify for this job? I think it has everything to do with the fact that I’m married to a seminarian]. Uptown organizes it to reach out to as many unchurched kids as possible, so instead of one giant VBS, we have three smaller sessions at three different homes. Our “smaller” session at the Mendenhall home consisted of 72 kids, aged 3-8(?). We had this mad scientist/laboratory theme that was fantastic and really taught the kids about Jesus.

One of the morning skits.

My Bible village.

In action- quarantining all the “lepers.”

It was a fantastic week!


Fathers’ Day

Sam helped his dad plant an herb garden for Fathers’ Day.

Now we have rosemary, hot peppers and basil (mint and oregano will be added soon).

And because we’re suckers for the “before-and-after” pictures, they read their Fathers’ Day book, Just Me and My Dad.