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the hunts in prague

Beach Food


I took a page from Adam’s playbook and headed to the beach armed with my new baking cookbook and a host of favorite kitchen toys.

Flourless chocolate cake. The way dessert was meant to be.

Waffles. OK, these were by Eggo, but whatev.

Thursday night: low country boil. (Don’t worry Paige & Adam, the sausage is right there behind the potato.)

And the group shot. So Grandma & Grampa could feel like they were there, and because otherwise Kristi gets disappointed.

Not pictured: pulled pork BBQ in the indoor smoker, keylime pie, and Paula Deen’s orange brownies. This week we’re eating lots of salad.

3 thoughts on “Beach Food

  1. Okay…so seriously, when I made the comment about taking a picture of food on MY blog, I legitamately had the thought…”Well, Jake and Melissa do this all the time.” But I made the comment anyway, for the majority of the other people :)I agree with the flourless chocolate cake. Melanie (upstairs) makes it and it is divine.

  2. P.S. Your word verification puzzles are getting harder!

  3. Annie’s puzzles are getting harder, too. I think it has to do with readership.Yeah- the Hunt blog is a worldwide phenomenon.

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