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Every summer since 1833, the Nashes’ church in Lawrenceville has had Campmeeting, a week of revival services held at a campground the church owns. (Pretty good summary here of the historical background to this tradition.) Melissa’s family has been going since she was about 8, and we went every year until we moved to Charlotte. (I’m told a big moment for M was when I came to Campmeeting for the first time and loved it.)

This year the tradition added another generation as Sam experienced Campmeeting, complete with an overnight stay. He loved it.

The Nash/Childers cabin (technically the Simon Peter cabin), where the two families have been staying for over 20 third-full-week-of-July’s.

The Nash/Hunts (minus Austin, who arrived about 5 minutes later), after a very special graduation ceremony for Grandma Cindi, who just finished her master’s degree from FSU.

The Childers/Stabler/Howicks (minus Brady, who by this time had been released with his bike).

My favorite thing about Campmeeting is the 50-foot-long covered dish line. Every night. For a week.

Sam’s favorite thing about Campmeeting is the sawdust.

Sam eating.

Sam eating.

Sam eating.

Sam after eating. One big mess of sawdust and pie.

Sam’s digs for the night. He slept pretty well after being stripped down and with a fan pointed right at him.


Wade in the Water

Saturday afternoon we met Mary and her girls at Latta Park, where there’s a great little “sprayground”. Some brand-new walkers would be intimidated by large amounts of pressurized water spewing up from the ground. As you might have guessed, not Sam. His bravery continues to impress (and occasionally worry) us.

You’ll note that he likes to lead with the belly. And that Bennett doesn’t mind posing.

Sam was not properly attired (i.e. no swim diaper), so you can see the toll that took on whatever the material’s called that goes inside diapers. The thing weighed about 8 lbs when we got it off him.


Herb Garden Update

Since I know you’re all clamoring for news on my Father’s Day present, here’s the latest.

We are the proud parents of 4 cayenne peppers! (One isn’t pictured here.) If anyone knows how we can get them to turn red please let us know.

From left to right: Rosemary, oregano, cayenne peppers, spot still waiting for chives, and basil.

A late addition: Mint. For the official drink of summer.

Unidentified weed creeping in from outside the fence.

Finally, this is the face Sam makes when he’s sniffing something.

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Jessica Forbes graced us with her presence again a couple weeks ago. She came to Charlotte to rendezvous with Phil & Shanna while they were in town, and we had a blast.
On Friday night our Uptown Prague team celebrated Bastille Day in NoDa. Jake’s love for the French finally caught up with him.

On Saturday we went to the farmers’ market and got the fixins for the best guacamole EVER.

Then Jeremiah came over and helped us eat steak fajitas. Jessica said that her tortilla smelled like cologne, so, naturally, we had to check it out for ourselves.

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Passing Through

About a week before the computer incident, Sam & I met Tina & Jackson at Chick-fil-A for an overdue visit. Tina, Jackson, her mom & her grandmother were traveling through NC to another sorority sister’s (Karen)wedding in Virginia. Tina’s also pregnant with their second and is due in September. Thanks for making the trek, guys- we hope to play again soon!!!

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A Day in the Life

I have a full-time job at RTS, and Melissa has a full-time job with Sam. We also each have the part-time job of raising support. Add to that the random things that jump into your schedule, and there can be some really interesting days. Yesterday was one of those, and we thought you might like to see how it went.

Everybody up. Breakfast.


Jake to work. Commence flurry of phone calls between RTS & home, because M has no computer (see previous post) and can’t check very simple things, like “where is the nearest car wash, and when do they open?”


M & S to get oil change & car wash for a car we’ve been borrowing for the last year and are returning today. J, at work, prepares for missions presentation at a local church’s VBS.


1 more cell phone call, wherein J directs M to car wash by explaining a map she can’t see.


J to Capes’ to pick up Silas, who’s hanging out with M & S.


J & Silas meet M & S at church where we’re talking to VBS kids. S & S to nursery. (Silas: “A-Sam. A-Sam. I play with Sam.”)

Finish presentation. M, S, & S to our house for lunch & naps. J back to RTS.


J eats lunch at desk while preparing for 1:15 meeting with RTS higher-ups. M somehow negotiates getting both boys down for naps. I haven’ t asked her how this worked.


J in meeting, M works on packing boxes and sorting junk from stuff to keep.


Silas wakes up. M & Silas hang out.


Sam wakes up. M, S, & S to playground.


M & boys pick J up from work. Back home, all 3 boys roughhouse while M makes dinner.



Carol Ann Trent arrives with Silas’ s sisters to pick him up. Sam immediately throws milk on kitchen floor. Ryann, terrified by neighbor’s cat, gets stranded outside our front door, wailing in terror. J puts Silas’ seat in Carol Ann’s car. Ryann (who’s calmed down some) bumps head getting into car, melts down again. Natalie goes through our stuff asking questions, some of which are awkward. Sam really wants some of Daddy’s tea.

J & S upstairs for Sam’s bath. M straightens downstairs for guests on the way.

Life Group arrives for game night. S to bed.

J & M look at S in crib, talk about how awesome he is, imitate his funny stuff from the day. Then to bed.

All in all, a pretty good day.