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Take A Load Off, Annie


Our friend Annie came to visit us about a bajillion years ago, and I’m just now getting around to sharing it. This was her second visit, and though we didn’t get to see her as much, our time together was a blast, as usual. That last link will give you all the gory details.

Sam was sure to supervise Annie’s Sunday morning hair drying.

And, of course, we did the obligatory group picture. But I accidentally took this one first and actually decided to post it instead b/c I think my friend looks beautiful in it. And check out her fabulous jewelry!

Come again, Annie- we’re here anytime!

2 thoughts on “Take A Load Off, Annie

  1. That is a great picture, Annie. and great jewelry…

  2. Y’all are sweet. And I had a great time. Thank you for letting me stay with you.

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