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Support Update


You’ve probably read about what we call the Incredible Shrinking Dollar, and perhaps you’ve also heard of its effects on missionaries. Because of this, World Harvest has had to revise our support budget to account for the diminished buying power of the dollar overseas. We knew this would be an issue, so we asked them to go ahead and do it now, rather than later, so we wouldn’t think we were at, say, 90% and actually be at 75%, or something like that. Psychologically, now is easier.

Before the budget revision we were at about 53% of our needed monthly support, and honestly I thought we would drop to 35% or even less. But the new budget came in yesterday, and we only dropped to about 44%– still close to the halfway mark! So although this is a setback, it’s not nearly as drastic as we feared, and we are encouraged and grateful. It also means that we now have a number that really means something– we’re not waiting for the other shoe of more-dollars-needed to drop.

Then, as if to remind us that God really is doing this thing, today’s report from World Harvest shows that in the past two weeks there have also been some very generous one-time gifts. So join us in rejoicing and thanking God for his great provision through his people, and in praying that he continues to provide so we can get to Prague soon!

5 thoughts on “Support Update

  1. thank you God for providing so abundantly… bless Jake and Melissa as they finish preparing for their mission field!

  2. praying for you guys! get here soon!

  3. He’s going to provide everything you need. I’m really excited about what y’all are doing.

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