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Busted Stuff

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The Hunt men are on a tear. We’re breaking stuff left and right, and you better watch out, because your house might be next.

Monday the man-child broke Violet’s dish (Vi is Grandma & Grampa’s shi tsu, more or less). Then on Tuesday, he gave one of Melissa’s plates the what’s-what.

He just wants to be like his daddy. The day before, while leaving the Nashes’ house, we felt a bump under the tire. It wasn’t Sam; that’s good. But what was it? M got out to check. Oh, no problem, it was just the computer bag, with the computer in it. Amazingly, there didn’t seem to be any damage, so we headed down the road and began planning a blog post about how you should definitely buy Patagonia.

However, when we got home late that night I fired ‘er up to see how things were. I was greeted with something a lot like this:

So the screen’s finished, and later examination showed there was some other kind of error message as well. Fortunately, we have Grandma Cindi’s old laptop, which is just like ours but needs a new hard drive. So we’re hoping the hard drive on ours wasn’t damaged and that our friend Jeremy can work some transplant magic. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, watch out for these 2– they’re nothing but trouble.

One thought on “Busted Stuff

  1. Hey, your desktop pic is kinda’ cool…maybe you should keep it.

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