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Herb Garden Update


Since I know you’re all clamoring for news on my Father’s Day present, here’s the latest.

We are the proud parents of 4 cayenne peppers! (One isn’t pictured here.) If anyone knows how we can get them to turn red please let us know.

From left to right: Rosemary, oregano, cayenne peppers, spot still waiting for chives, and basil.

A late addition: Mint. For the official drink of summer.

Unidentified weed creeping in from outside the fence.

Finally, this is the face Sam makes when he’s sniffing something.

3 thoughts on “Herb Garden Update

  1. good luck with that. danielle and i have banana pepper that went from green to orange and cannot get the darn thing to turn yellow. sounds like proof of global warming to me!

  2. Love the sniffing picture! Adorable! And if cayenne peppers are anything like bell peppers… you have to leave them on the vine in order for them to turn red. 🙂 Way to go with the garden! I fail miserably every time I try… guess I shouldn’t be giving advice huh?

  3. I love that Sam has George Costanza hair!! What a cute pic at the end.

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