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the hunts in prague

Wade in the Water


Saturday afternoon we met Mary and her girls at Latta Park, where there’s a great little “sprayground”. Some brand-new walkers would be intimidated by large amounts of pressurized water spewing up from the ground. As you might have guessed, not Sam. His bravery continues to impress (and occasionally worry) us.

You’ll note that he likes to lead with the belly. And that Bennett doesn’t mind posing.

Sam was not properly attired (i.e. no swim diaper), so you can see the toll that took on whatever the material’s called that goes inside diapers. The thing weighed about 8 lbs when we got it off him.

2 thoughts on “Wade in the Water

  1. How fun! Wish we could be there to splash with you Sam.

  2. Two things: 1) When Bennett plays the drums on Sam’s back I giggled out loud 2) Maggie was very scared of that place 3) (I know I said 2) I am very proud of Sam and his bravery. I think Maggie might just venture into the water if she saw how Sam conquers that

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